Course Information

Endovascular Resuscitation, Bleeding, and Trauma management (EVTM)

Hands on Workshop

Course Faculty:

Associate Professor Tal Horer M.D. PhD.

Head of Vascular Unit and EVTM program at Orebro University Hospital Sweden.

Associate Professor Zaffer Qasim MBBS FRCEM FRCPC (EM) EDIC.

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Critical care University of Pennsylvania.

Associate Professor Charles Fox MD FACS .

Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of medicine.

Former Chief of Vascular Surgery Denver Medical Centre.

Associate Professor Daniel Ellis.


Director of Trauma Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Prehospital and Retrieval Physician, SAAS MedSTAR, Emergency Medical Retrieval Service.

Mr Joseph Dawson

Vascular Surgeon Trauma Surgeon
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Senior Lecturer University of Adelaide 

Dr Artai Pirouzram MD.

Senior consultant vascular / endovascular surgeon
Vascular Surgery Unit
Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
Linkoping University Hospital


20th and 21st of April 2022

Venue University of Melbourne

Department of Surgery and Neuroscience

4th Floor University of Melbourne

As advances in Endovascular and hybrid techniques for bleeding control and resuscitation become more frequent there is a need for discussion and training platforms to skill clinicians.

The EVTM workshop is designed for Trauma surgeons, Emergency Department consultants, Intensivists, Interventional Radiologists, Prehospital physicians, and Anesthestists, who have a special interest in trauma /bleeding resuscitation and management.

The aim of this workshop is to stimulate mutual learning and sharing experiences while practicing Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma Management, using a multidisciplinary team approach.

‘’No ego just good science and cooperation “is the focus of this meeting.

We will explore different endovascular and hybrid methods for resuscitation, bleeding control, and trauma management.

Topics covered in this extensive 2-day workshop.

  • Early identification of the haemodynamically unstable patient.
  • Endovascular solutions for the unstable and bleeding patient
  • Vascular Access, (from easy to complex) Aortic Balloon Occlusion (REBOA) indications cREBOA, iREBOA pREBOA techniques
  • Damage control EVTM and bailout methods.
  • Use of Imaging (CT and ultrasound for the unstable patient)
  • ECMO, eCPR, Stents, Embolization.
  • SAAP (Selective Arch Aortic Perfusion)
  • Basic and advanced care following REBOA deployment as a bridge to treatment.
  • Up to date research topics and clinical experience.
  • ABOTrauma Registry case presentations.
  • Basics for building a REBOA/EVTM service, (patient in flows etc.).
  • Emergent technologies for EVTM
  • Basic and advanced endo methods

The workshop is suited to meet the needs of clinicians who wish to develop the necessary skills in endovascular trauma management.

It is built as a collaboration platform and all practice will be based on attending needs and professions.

The workshop faculty are world leaders in the field of endovascular trauma management.

Course Plan

 DAY 1

Registration 7 am – 8 am

Course commences 8 am sharp

EVTM concept

EVTM overview and algorithms up to date world experience, early interventions, theory and methods of vascular access (basic and advanced)

Use of early access (aortic/arterial balloon occlusion, endografts, embolization and other tools for the bleeding and unstable patient.

REBOA placement techniques and practical physiology of cREBOA i REBOA pREBOA

Non trauma cardiac arrest, and other emergencies such as rAAA rTAA GI bleeding, PPH, and Iatrogenic indications.

Prehospital REBOA. (Deployment, management, hospital reception/handover)

Morning tea

10 am – 1030

1030 -12 md

Complications of REBOA

Minimizing strategies to reduce potential risks (risk /benefit analysis)

Management of complications. Tips and tricks.

Basics for building a REBOA /EVTM service

Emerging EVTM technologies

12md -1 pm Lunch

1pm – 6pm

Simulation workshop arterial access, REBOA placement using the STAAR system positive flow simulators.

Participants will be given the opportunity of practicing arterial access using direct access, and ultrasound on STAAR simulation models.

(This session will include complex case discussions)

Dinner 7 pm -10 pm

Venue to be advised

Day 2

Hands On laboratory (Cadaver, live animal*, and simulation models)

8am – 2pm

Vascular access

Basic principals

Blind and ultrasound puncture methods

Seldinger technique

Cut down techniques

Venous access and Ultrasound

The failing access (alternatives)

Equipment, sheaths, catheters etc.


Catheters and Kits

Ongoing bleeding practice

Insertion, inflation re positioning deflation

Intermittent /partial REBOA (MAP as target iREBOA/pREBOA CPR REBOA)

2pm -3 pm Lunch

3pm -5pm

Case presentations A/Prof Tal Horer, A/Prof Zaf Qasim, A/Prof Charles Fox, Dr.Artai Pirouzram, Mr Joseph Dawson, A/Prof Dan Ellis

Q/A Panel A/Prof Tal Horer, A/Prof Zaf Qasim, Dr Charles Fox, A/Prof Dan Ellis, Mr.Joseph Dawson,and Dr Artai Pirouzram

EVTM Journal, Membership, ABOTrauma Registry, AORTA study update USA,

UK REBOA trial, and the future of EVTM


Please note this course is certified by the EVTM and the CE points system.

On completion a certificate will be issued by the EVTM Society.

Our Expert Faculty

Our workshop faculty are leading experts in the management of trauma using endovascular skills and techniques.

Associate Professor Tal Horer:

Organization: Örebro University Hospital, Sweden

Position & Titles: Vascular Surgeon, Head Vascular unit. Associate Prof of Surgery. Head EVTM program and society. Editor-in-chief JEVTM.

Educational background & professional experience

Assistant Professor Zaffer Qasim:

Zaffer Qasim, MBBS FRCEM FRCPC(EM) EDIC Dr. Qasim is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Karachi...

Dr. Charles J. Fox, MD, FACS Associate Professor:

At the University of Colorado School of Medicine and former Chief of Vascular Surgery at Denver Health Medical Centre, is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and former program director for vascular surgery fellowship training...

Associate Professor Daniel Ellis:

Director of Trauma Royal Adelaide Hospital. Prehospital and Retrieval Physician, SAAS MedSTAR, Emergency Medical Retrieval Service...

Mr Joseph Dawson:

Vascular Surgeon Trauma Surgeon
Royal Adelaide Hospital, Senior Lecturer University of Adelaide...

Dr Artai Pirouzram MD:

Senior consultant vascular / endovascular surgeon
Vascular Surgery Unit . Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at Linkoping...

Dr David Mc Greevy M D:

EVTM clinical aid for EVTM workshops and Symposiums

Resident in Vascular Surgery Orebro University Hospital...